Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

1.The Eagle and The Apple – 1191
Complete Assassin’s Creed. (100 points)

2. Personal Vendetta
Kill every Templar. (40 points)

3. Keeper of the Lions Passant
Find All of Richard’s Flags in the Kingdom. (25 points)

4. Keeper of the Creed
Find All Flags in Masyaf. (10 points)

5. Keeper of the Four Gospels
Find All Flags in Jerusalem. (20 points)

6. Keeper of the Crescent
Find All Flags in Damascus.(20 points)

7. Absolute Symbiosis
Have a complete Synchronization bar. (45 points)

8. Fearless
Complete all Reach High Points. (25 points)

9. Hungerer of Knowledge
See 85% of all the memory glitches. (20 points)

10. Defender of the People: Acre
Complete every free mission in Acre. (20 points)

11. Defender of the People:Jerusalem
Complete every free mission in Jerusalem. (20 points)

12. Defender of the People: Damascus
Complete every free mission in Damascus. (20 points)

13. Conversationalist
Go through every dialog with Lucy. (20 points)

14. Disciple of the Creed
Assassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar. (30 points)

15. Eagle’s Will
Defeat 100 opponents without dying. (20 points)