Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)


Welcome to Lunabean’s Assassin’s Creed Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360 and PS3. This walkthrough was written based upon the Xbox 360 version of the game. In most cases buttons are referred to generically and the on-screen instructions are very comprehensive, so just pay attention.

Animus Tutorial

The game begins with a bit of a surprise. I won’t ruin anything for you at this point, so just let the game play and before long you’ll be in a tutorial. Here’s what you need to come away with:

Synchronization Meter – This is the health meter in the game. It refers to how connected you are at any given time to Altair’s memory. If it goes down to nothing you’ll start over from the last save point. You build up the meter by completing objectives, staying anonymous, or performing successful attacks. The meter goes down if you kill an innocent, falling from too high, or are hit with an attack.

One advantage of having the Syncronization Meter (from here on out, the Sync Meter) full is that you can utilize Eagle Eye View (see below). This is an enhanced first person perspective which colors the people around you based on their intentions.

First Person – While standing still use the "Head" button to enter into first person view in order to survey your surroundings. If anything feels weird to you at this point, namely the Y-Axis or X-Axis configuration, enter into the Pause Menu >> Options >> Controls. Here you can adjust common control elements to your liking.