Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

Gentle Push – Press and hold the "Gentle Push" button as you walk through the crowd. Doing this will allow you to pass without disturbing them. Walk into the marker.

High/Low Profile – Low Profile actions are socially acceptable. High Profile actions are more likely to draw attention. Press and hold the "High Profile" button to see how the Context Buttons in the upper right corner of the screen change.

Grab and Throw – One such High Profile action is to grab and throw an enemy. While holding down the "High Profile" button, approach a person, press and hold the "Grab" button and then push the Left Control Stick in the direction you want to toss the person. In this case, throw him into the marker.

Sprinting – Press and hold the "High Profile" button and then press and hold the "Sprint" button. Push the Left Control Stick in the direction you want to sprint. Pretty basic.

Social Status Icon – The Status Icon appears to the left of the Sync Meter. If an enemy soldier is Unaware or Suspicious of you, you’ll see white lines with a yellow center. If the soldier is Informed (eg, sees a dead body or a violent act) then you’ll see the yellow dot turn to a red dot. After you Stealth Assassinate the soldier, the soldier who discovers the body will demonstrate this for you.

The game tells you to make yourself known to the soldier. Do so by running into him. You’ll see the Status Ican change to a full-on red indicator. This is Exposed Status.

You’ll now need to drop that Exposed Status to something more acceptable.

Break the line of sight by climbing the ladder. You’ll gain Yellow, or Unseen status.

Hop into the roof garden (the square structure) and you’ll gain Blue, or Vanishing status. This indicates that soldiers are still looking for you, but that you are hidden.

Wait until the soldier gives up and leaves to gain Green, or Vanished status.

Hop out from the roof garden and you’ll gain White, or Anonymous status. Doing this will also fill your Sync Meter.

Blending – When attempting to escape from an Informed soldier you must first break the line of sight. Then, you’ll want to Blend in, or hide. There are four places that you can hide: Empty place on a bench between two people; haystacks; roof gardens; and amongst scholars.