Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

To blend in as a Scholar, press and hold the "Blend" button as you walk. Doing this allows you to pass through enemy soldiers.

Lock On – To lock onto any person, press and release the "Lock On" button. You’ll see a tiny white triangle appear above the head of the person to whom you’re locked on.

Stealth Assassination – While Locked On to an enemy, press Up on the D-Pad to select your Blade. Walk up to an Unaware enemy and press the "Attack" button to perform the kill.

Eagle Vision – As mentioned above, when your Sync Meter is full you can enter into Eagle Vison by pressing the "Eagle Vison" button while standing still. This is an enhanced first person view which allows you to detect the intentions of those around you. Their intentions are color-coded.

White = Information
Yellow = Assassination Target
Red = Soldier
Blue = Allies

Memory Block 1
Solomon’s Temple – Acquisition

You are now in a gameplay tutorial of sorts. The first thing that you are told is about Glitches. When you see DNA sequences flash on the screen press any button to get a different view of the scene. Usually this simply means that you get a close-up of the person speaking or to which an action is being done.


This is also a good time to go ahead and figure out your Map. You can access your map via the Pause Menu or more directly by hitting the Map Button ("Back" on X360, "Select" on PS3).

The map offers a wealth of information including the current objective, your location (of course), and the location of all objectives (both primary and optional). You can scroll around and zoom in on the map as well. Be aware that you can pull up the map Legend in order to get a breakdown of all of the symbols. Finally, you can Set a Marker on the map as well, which will appear in your in-game radar.