Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

GPS System

The game includes a nice compass, or in-game radar. I’ll be referring to it as your Radar. The radar indicates the distance to your next objective, the direction of the objective, and if you placed a Marker, the direction of the marker.

Retrieve the Artifact from within Solomon’s Temple

Move forward and approach the gap. Here you’ll learn about Free-Step. Press and hold the "High Profile" button ("RT" on X360) and then press and hold the "Jump" button as you move forward. You’ll automatically jump from beam to beam to clear the gap. Do this again for the next gap and then climb the ladder.

Kill the soldier in front of you and then go down the ladders to the ground floor. Walk up to the Templars (the soldiers) and attempt to kill Robert. After you get beat up, use Free-Step on the structure in front of you to get to the platforms. Proceed forward using the same skill and you’ll soon learn about your ability to run up walls, or Walling.

To perform Walling, simply do your Free-Step while pushing forward against a wall.

Proceed through the exit doorway and you’ll learn about Climbing. Start your climb by Walling (run up the wall). You’ll automatically grab on to a stone or ledge. Once you are hanging you can release all buttons. Use the Left Control Stick to navigate up the wall. At the top you’ll be taken to another memory.

Solomon’s Temple – Failure

Return to Al Mualim

After talking to your friend use the Map and the GPS to make your way to the large fortress up the hill. You can either follow the path the entire way or do some building climbing. If you like, this is a good time to explore the area a little and get used to your controls.

When you enter the interior of the fortress make your way up the stairs to Al Mualim.

Solomon’s Temple – Guardian

Defend the Village

Backtrack down the hill and fight any Templar that you encounter, remember to "Lock On" first. This will be the first time you use your Sword. To select it, hit Right on the D-Pad. To use it, hit the "Attack" button. For a more powerful, but slower attack, hold the "Attack" button. You can block attacks by holding down the "High Profile" ("Deflect") button.

To do a counter attack, press and hold the "Deflect" button and when an enemy strikes, hit the "Attack" button. This will allow you to dodge the attack and then do a one-hit-kill counter-attack.

Just keep heading down hill and killing until the next sequence begins.

Solomon’s Temple – Glory

Remove the Templars from Masyaf

Head back up toward the fortress and a fellow assassin will ask that you follow him (he’s off to the right) up to the top of the tower. Go to and climb the ladder that he’s on. Go up the next ladder and walk out onto the platform. You’ll soon be asked to peform a leap of faith. Simply do the Free-Step move off of the end of the platform.

Lucky for you, there was a haystack directly beneath you. Hop out of it and cross the chasm using the three beams. This will take you to a wall. You’ve climbed before, so navigate up to the first wooden beam using the Left Control Stick. Once you’re on that wooden beam, do another Wall Run to get farther up. Continue up.

When you arrive at the top of the wall, climb up to the floor and approach the wooden wall. You’ll get a prompt to "Attack". Do so crush the Templars.