Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)


Back at the lab, walk into the bathroom and stand to the left of the sink. You’ll get a button prompt to "interact" herunterladen. Do so and you’ll climb up on the counter so that you can overhear the conversation of the scientists.

Afterward, exit the room and wait for the scientist to emerge destiny kostenlosen. He suggests you go back to your room. Do so and lay down on the bed. When you wake up and after the conversation, head to the Animus and continue.

Memory Block 2 – Tamir – Damascus

Masyaf Traitor – Investigation

Investigate and find Masyaf’s Traitor

Great, you’ve been demoted codex downloaden. You have lost all of your skills and weapons. How many games these days are starting you with full power and then taking it away in the second episode? Geez.

Exit the fortress and follow the path out. You’ll run into a fellow assassin who tells you to begin your research in the village market. Use your GPS to lead you there.

When you arrive you’ll see the men whom you need to eavesdrop on, near the well. Head past him and sit down on the bench. Move the Control Stick so that either of the men near the well becomes highlighted. Lock on to either one and then hit the "Eavesdrop" button.

Find the basket weaver

Head to the marker on the map and then Lock on to the basket weaver. You’ll learn how to Pickpocket. First, of course, you must lock on. Once you do that, simply walk up to the person and hold the "Pick Pocket" button (same as the "Gentle Push" button).

Find Masun near the cypress tree

Head to the marker and you’ll learn how to Interrogate, no water boarding allowed. Essentially you’ll want to Lock on to the target (the man speaking preaching loudly) and follow him to a secluded place. Once you are out of sight, beat him until he tells you what you want to hear.

Masyaf – Knowledge

This is simply a cutscene which gives you the task of killing nine men. This is what you’ll be doing for the rest of the game. You also gain the Sword and Hidden Blade.

Combat Training

As you exit the fortress interior you’ll be stopped and will be placed into the training ring. You’ve used the Sword before, however, you’ll learn a few more techniques here:

Combo Kill – Press "Attack" and then "Attack" again just as you clank swords to do a combo kill.

Grab – You can grab an enemy while fighting using the "Grab" button.

Of course, keep in mind that you have both a quick attack and slow powerful attack (hold "Attack"). When you’re done messing around, exit out of training and head to the marker.