Assassin’s Creed Achievements tips, tricks, and cheats (walk through too)

Getting to Damascus

After you go through the gates you’ll learn about Horse Mount. Hop onto a horse and ride it along the path until you get to the next marker, "to Kingdom." Upon arriving, head through the archways.

After the load screen, and despite the game telling you to clear out the archers and soldiers in the area, just slowly ride forward until you see the lookout tower on the left.

This is a View Point.

View Points – There are many View Points scattered throughout the game. They are marked by a circling eagle and on the Map as an eagle icon. You are rewarded for climbing to the top and hitting the "Sychronization" button with a Map Synchronization of the area surrounding that View Point. This will reveal Objectives, Investigation markers, hide spots, etc.

Each area has "x" View Points. Activating them all helps to extend your Sync Meter (increase your health meter). 

In this case, climb to the top, and you’ll see that all of the Kingdom View Points, Objectives, and Hide Spots are marked on the Map for you in addition to the marker for Damascus (a crescent moon).

Head to the Damascus marker being sure to activate the two View Points that you pass on your way there. When you arrive, go through the archways.

Tamir – Investigation

Damascus – Poor District

Ride down the path toward the city. You’ll get the opportunity to Save an Innocent. Do so by killing the men attacking him. Soon thereafter you’ll be shown a group of Scholars. You can blend in with Scholars to get past guards. Scholars have their own icon which will appear on the GPS (you can view the Legend of icons in the Map).

Go up to the Scholars and hit the "Blend" button (you don’t have to hold it down). You’ll walk with the Scholars through the gates and past the guards. Once safely inside the city you can "Exit Blend".

Investigations – In order to locate the assassination target you must first do some research in the form of interrogation, pickpocketing, and eavesdropping. For this assassination you need 2 of 6 investigations. The best way to discover the locations of the investigations is to climb all of the View Points in an area so that all of the various investigation opportunities are marked on the Map.

Also note that after completing each investigation it is logged in the Memory Log in the Pause Menu. If you need to review the information of the investigation you can go here and look at it. Some investigations come with handy attachments as well which can aid you even further. 

There is a tall tower extending up from the rooftops not far from where you entered. It may be labeled on the Map for you. Climb to the top of it and go out onto the wooden beam. Press the "Eagle Vison" button to activate the View Point. Doing so will mark the Bureau Objective on the Map as well as some Save Citizen tasks.

Head to the Bureau. The entrance is on the roof. Drop through the opening on the roof and walk into the Assassin’s Bureau.

Assassin’s Bureau – The Assassin’s Bureau is essentially a safe house and where you go after your investigation is complete. 

Before going around and investigating randomly I recommend that you find and climb all nine View Points. If they are not marked on the map for you yet, simply walk around the district and they’ll show themselves. You can also visually locate them by going up onto the roofs and looking for the tall towers.

Once all nine View Points are activated, all six investigations will be marked. Again, you only need two investigations to begin the assassination (visit the Bureau after you have two), however, for completion’s sake, below you’ll find all six detailed.

Saving Innocents – It’s also a good idea to Save Innocents when you have the opportunity. Not only will it help to extend your Sync Meter (health meter) but each time you Save an Innocent, his/her brothers and/or sons will hear about your bravery. This results in a group of men, Vigilantes, in the location where you Saved the Innocent.

Vigilantes will interfere with pursuing soldiers in case you’re trying to escape. Therefore, the more Innocnents that you Save, the more allies you’ll have on the streets to help you escape. 

Interrogation – West – Tamir is preoccupied with overseeing the production of weapons.

Climb and activate the View Point north of the Bureau (the closest one north of the Bureau). This will mark an Interrogation and an Eavesdropping marker on the map. Drop down to the street and locate the man preaching about Tamir and the Saracens. Lock on to him to initiate the Interrogation. Wait for him to start walking. Follow him to the back alley and wait for it to be clear. Beat up the man until he talks.