Download Crayon Physics For Tablet PC

Crayon Physics is a radically different game, in the sense that it doesn’t demand you to complete action-packed missions during World War II or frantic races along worldwide tracks herunterladen. Your aim is simply to move a red ball towards a star and collect it by drawing geometrical shapes that push the ball.

Yes, I know it sounds silly, but I assure you Crayon Physics is not as easy as it seems spider solitär herunterladen kostenlos. The ball and all shapes that you draw with the help of your mouse (suddenly turned into a crayon) follow physics laws very strictly, which means that you have to calculate sizes and positions very carefully if you’re to achieve your objective musik von hearthisen.

The game gets really difficult after a few levels, but unfortunately there’s no way to jump to the last level you completed so you’ll have to go over all of them any time you play the game again bim objekteen. Oh well, I guess this is something we can forgive, bearing in mind that the game was created in just five days.

Think Incredible machine with a tablet interface.  Download it here

Crayon Physics Download for Tablet PC