Download AIM 6.5 It sucks less than previous versions

Welcome to the future of instant messaging. AIM 6.5 lets you update your status, change the color of your Buddy List® window, play games with your buddies with QQ Games and so much more.

Installing AIM 6.5 overwrites any AIM 6 software that you might have on your machine. However, you can still use AIM 5.9, too. This new version doesn’t overwrite the AIM 5.9 software.

System Requirements

• Windows 2K or higher

• IE 6.0 or higher

• 128MB RAM and 512MB for Enhanced IM functionality

• Macromedia Flash

• Microphone/Speaker or Headset for Talk functionality

• Broadband recommended for Live Video Chat

Other AIM Versions:
Windows | Mac | Linux | All

Just remember to uncheck the Spam:


Uncheck all the boxes or you will have a new homepage, default search and a toolbar that make IE less than stable.


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AIM 6.5 Help

AOL and Freedom Scientific are happy to announce that screen reader support for the latest version of AIM will be available in JAWS 8.0. Please contact Freedom Scientific for more information on JAWS 8.0. AOL does not recommend use of AIM with other screen reader products at this time. Please call your vendor to inquire about plans for supporting AIM. For more information regarding accessibility, please visit the AOL accessibility page.


IM a Cell Phone

Download AIM 6.5 Send text messages from AIM! You can send IMs to your buddies or text messages to their phones. When you go offline, forward your IMs to your phone and take AIM with you.

Personalize Your AIM

Personalize AIM Show off your true self! Create a WeeMee, apply animated Wallmations and even change the color of your Buddy List® window! We think it’s time you expressed yourself, dont you?


AIM Status Broadcast your thoughts and feelings to your buddies whenever you want. Create a "status message" to share with your buddies when you are online or away.

Play On

Play On Get your game on with QQ Games. They’re free multi-player games you can play with other AIM users. Are you ready to beat your friends on AIM?

Voice and Video Chat

AIM Voice and Video Chat Typing isn’t the only way to communicate. Start a video chat to see what you’re missing. Use AIM Talk for voice conversations with buddies. You can chat with up to 20 friends at once! Now you dont have to stop if your fingers are tired!

Buddy Info

AIM Buddy Info Update your buddies without saying a word. Pull in your favorite RSS feeds, your personal blog, fun photos or quotes. Update your Buddy Info. You know people are looking!

Offline IMs

AIM Offline IMs Missed messages while you were offline? Not to worry. Offline IMs let you see messages you’ve received after you sign off. You’ll never miss anything important again.

Your IM History

AIM IM History With IM Logging, you’ll never have to worry about remembering what your friends said — you can just look it up! Now you can save all of your IMs to your computer.

Picture Sharing

AIM Picture Sharing Share and share alike! Now all it takes to send your buddies an image is a click of a button. Come on, get social and start sharing your pictures now!