Google Adword’s won’t run along Assassin’s Creed Articles

In an interesting turn, my most popular page today, made me $0.  Google seems to not run Adword’s on pages with Assasin’s Creed in the title of the page.  I don’t know if it is just because the word has Ass in it twice, or if there is some other reason, but I’m tempted to buy Ads just to drive the traffic to my site, but I don’t know how I’d monetize the traffic once I got it to my landing page, but It seems I could dominate as I did a quick Google Search for other AC pages and they seem to be running PSA’s or no ad at all as well whatsapp downloaden op mac.

Negative Keyword used by too many Advertisers?  Ubisoft should have a hay day with this.  Maybe Google read my article on Assassin’s Creed being all about killing Christian’s and took sides go west noten kostenlos downloaden?

What ever the reason that is 35% of my income off the top.  I need to have a better back up ad plan for when Google determines my pages to be unsuitable for advertising.  And since this page won’t serve ads for long, maybe I should insert links to Hot Girl Porn too… free cut pattern download cosmetic bag.

But I won’t.  Sorry.