Creating a site to meet mates and

I was walking on Broadway in San Francisco and saw a pole plastered with images of an attractive woman, who didn’t have that "entertainer" look.  In this particular neighborhood the type of girl you expect to be on a poster works at the Deja Vu across the street from my office building.  Instead it was an ad for a woman  looking to meet guys to date.  Which appears to be a trend as is a site for a man doing the same thing.

Both and are sites for people who want to be a bit more active in their search than those using e-harmony.

It takes a certain type of person to put their poster on the street and say "I’m single, I’m Hot, and I know it"  which is what Ali is clearly doing.  It is easy to be a voyeur and sit at home and thumb anonymously through the pages of Yahoo Personals, hoping you will get a response.

At the same time putting your self out there in such a public way takes away from that safety factor of knowing that you won’t develop stalkers.


imageAli doesn’t seem to have much fear.  And so I suspect the tactic will work for her. But most people are single for a reason, not necessarily a bad reason.  You may be single because you work in a field that is dominated with Men and so meeting women is difficult, or you may be a woman who works in a position of authority and therefore can’t really date most of the men you meet. 

Sometimes the reason is you are shy or don’t know how to get started and in those cases getting a relationship off the ground may require the help of an anonymous dating service.

My single status has often been because I just don’t have the time to go make all of the connections that it takes to go find someone to date.  I had no trouble dating in college or when I was working as a camp director, because I had a pool of friends and friends of friends, but when I began working at Microsoft, that didn’t work so well anymore.  The Male to Female ratio was less than favorable, and the number of hours meant I didn’t really have time to go meet 10 people to find 1 to date.

Good luck Ali.  We’re pulling for you.