Review of Walmart Launching Black Friday Early with $99 HD-DVD Player,

Wal-Mart tells us that it will be selling Toshiba’s HD-A2 for $99 ($98.87) over the weekend only, starting Friday kostenlose grafikenen. Yes, at long last, the HD DVD player that was hovering in the mid $200s will break the (definitely profit-free) $100 barrier, at least temporarily.

While the Sub one-hundred dollar price tag is not the only discount starting this Friday at 8am, it is the biggest of the deals which include Sanyo 50 plasma hdtv, an Acer laptop 1gb ram, HD-DVD’s for $14.96 and a Fisher-Price Nascar Ride-On wo kann ich musik legal gratisen.

Toshiba hd-a2 DVD Player at Wal-mart for $99 Walmart Holiday Black Friday Comes early

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All of which give it pretty good marks You tube download online.

Not a great video, but it does answer some basic questions herunterladen.

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