Rock Band for Xbox 360 Review

WOW!  I have to premise this review with I didn’t like Guitar Hero.  Rock band is not even close to the same game.  The difference is like the difference checkers and chess.  While they share a board the games are very different aktuellen windows media player kostenlos downloaden.

Let’s start with the Technical differences.  The obvious ones are the Drums and the Mic, which are fun, and mic is hard.  The biggest one for me however is Dolby Digital.  The crowd playing behind you and the Vocals coming out the Center channel you feel much more in the game than you did Guitar Hero.  The ability to create a custom character who looks how you want also adds to the depth of the game sims freeplay inhalte herunterladen.

The Music… It’s varied and that offers some challenges if you are playing vocals.  Beating the game with the mic means learning to read really fast, or Fake it with "water melon" being repeated over and over in tune with the song… That said I like a lot of the songs, and more of them are familiar to me a 28 year old than Guitar hero which was great if you were 40 herunterladen.

The Virtual Crowd… is more engaging and the play has more of a music video feel than Guitar Hero had.

So while I created the Gibson Guitar Hero Controller I don’t play the game at all I have played nearly 4 hours of Rock Band in the first 5 that I have had it, which is 3 times the amount of Guitar Hero I have played comics herunterladen kostenlos.


Rock Band Review for Xbox 360