Cosmetics for everyone else

There is a growing trend to provide skin care products for people who are not white. , , and are all sites dedicated to products that are not designed specifically for the pasty white people who dominate the runway mac os lion download kostenlos.

It shouldn’t surprise people to learn that the chemistry of people’s skin varies a great deal from race to race, mostly be cause of the differences in the amount of pigment in their skin.  This also effects what types of things their skin needs to be healthy mp3 consisteden van youtube.

There’s a great article in the October issue of Elle magazine interviewing Philadelphia dermatologist Susan C kindle unlimited b├╝cher herunterladen. Taylor, MD about how to care for darker skin tones, her specialty. Dr. Taylor says that those with darker skin have to be more careful, as "it’s exceedingly sensitive, which many people don’t realize because the ruddiness often isn’t visible, and prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation from irritation or inflammation."

Europe and Asia both offer much more selection for people of Indian, Latin, or even Native American descent.  In the US most products are just a different color, as opposed to actually having a different chemical formula bus simulator vollversion kostenlos downloaden.