LeeHaney.com The Official Site Of 8 Time Mr. Olypmia

Lee Haney (www.leehaney.com) has launched an ultimate body building site, in the same vein as GNC.  The Site has nothing on Ello.com .  LeeHaney.com is proving that you don’t need a great looking site to sell however.  The site easily looks like it could have been built in a matter of hours with front page 2000, rather than even investing in a few templates from MonsterTemplates.com

Leehany.com makes a good test case for what actually works in marketing depending on your target audience.  There is a lot of buzz around the "web 2.0" look, but when it comes to actually moving product you can likely do just as well with an ugly site as a good looking site if your product is something that is simple, and doesn’t need much on-site hype herunterladen.

Mr epson scanner download kostenlos. Olympia is showing that the small mom and pop shop can compete in the online space.  While GNC has a great looking site that would rival BestBuy.com they are not receiving the traffic that Lee Haney.com is today.  Why?  Lee Haney.  If Hanna Montana offered a skin care product she could crush most any other company out there at least in the short run. 

Buzz, Product, and Presentation all weigh in when you are building a site and you have to manage each of them whatsapp zum herunterladen kostenlos.