Arrives bringing myspace to your mobile life

For those of you who don’t have a one touch Myspace button on your Helio or Tmobile phone you can now get which formats your Myspace pages to better fit your iphone, Blackberry, or BlackJack phone apple app herunterladen.

Or it works great if you don’t want to see all of those crazy stylesheets that the tween crowd seems so in love with. is not available to normal browsers, so pointing your IE at it will just result in the normal myspace page.  Fun as it is the Mobile version of Myspace is just as plagued with people like Makena who want to be my friend psp spiele legalen.


But if you aren’t a Helio, or TMobile subscriber the biggest win is that you can now reasonably navigate a friends list, visit the myspace page of the hot girl you just hit on at the bar, or as is more likely the case in my reader’s demographic visit the myspace page of daughters date of the week photo instagram. is not owned by myspace but instead is there to sell all those who point their phones at it ringtones.