No call list may cause you to get MORE calls not less

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No call lists prevent commercial companies that don’t have a relationship with you from calling you.  But they don’t prevent Fund Raiser’s and companies you do business with from calling you.  Adding your name to the Wisconsin No Call List (  )means a Not For Profit can get your information and call you about any number of things you aren’t interested in.  For Example, the Fraternal Order of Police could call you to ask you to donate to their Veterans of the Police Force Fund.  Or a Church you don’t attend can call and ask for a donation.  Those might not seem so bad, but then you get in to some slightly shadier deals such as the local high school students calling to sell you Magazines to raise money for a school trip. 

It is not a limitation of what you can be solicited about, just who can do the soliciting.  Enter the Telemarketing Not-For Profits.  Many groups are being established to capitalize on this No Call Trend.  They Set up a Not for Profit, donate a small percentage of the the money received from solicitations and pay their executives well. 

Also with the 2008 elections coming your Name and Number on the Do Not Call list doesn’t prevent someone from a Not For Profit calling to tell you why you should vote for a given candidate old music for free.

Lastly the Do Not Call list is a great place for bill collectors to get your current phone number. So if you managed to escape the harassment of collection agencies, adding your name to the no call list may have them calling again herunterladen.