Not a non-profit so shouldn’t be ?

If it were it would make sense that they were selling pillows, I thought .org domains were reserved for not for profit organizations vw bordbuch herunterladen.

"We invite you to get your own personal sleep profile by taking our Zzzz Score™ test ringtone iphone. Your Zzzz Score will determine how you can sleep better by helping you choose the pillow that is right for you. A better, more healthful night’s sleep awaits you virtual dj kostenlos downloaden.

Also see the full list of all Sleep Better™ Therapeutic Pillows. " 

Sounds like a sales pitch to me.  Carpenter Company is leveraging this new domain because their domain doesn’t just scream buy a pillow.  In fact visiting the site you’d think twice about sleeping on a pillow from the guys who make the polystyrene used in your coffee cup, and packing peanuts where to download dvd cover.

*runs off to go get and*