Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Trailer Tomorrow, nearly 10 years after it was first promised.

I pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever in 1998.  But I don’t think I have the receipt.   The last time there was a trailer was in 2001.  The game has been delayed a half billion times and made several, "Most anticipated" games lists.  Duke Nukem Forever is the game that defines the Hype/reality curve, no game can possibly be worth 10 years of hype.  I’m sure the game will be fun, but come on.  I’ll post the trailer tomorrow when it comes out.  In the meantime watch the old trailer video facebook herunterladen iphone.

"Last Saturday we had our annual company Christmas party. It was a lot of fun as usual but it featured one special surprise," explained Broussard herunterladen. "It turns out that several people had been secretly working late nights and into the wee hours of the morning preparing a special video for those at the party writing programs for windows 7 for free. They created a short teaser for Duke Nukem Forever. After seeing the teaser we thought it was something we should share with all of you and while it’s just a teaser, rest assured more is coming."