Escape from the Pear Room (Icescape) Walkthrough (cheats tips tricks)

Need Help on Icescape aka Escape from the Pear Room kostenlose grafiken downloaden? This Walkthrough will well walk-thru how to escape from the pear room.

First you must find all of the puzzle pieces, and grab the axe.

Escape from the Pear Room Walkthrough (cheats tips tricks)

– Zoom in on the trunk of the tree and click on the branch where you want the axe to cut, cut until you get a smooth log on the floor single songs spotify.

– Set the clock to 12 o’clock. Place a spot with the marker on the clock Santa holding the puzzle piece, fully extend his hand and grab the puzzle piece usenext movies legally. Or… Pull the strings two times, click the door on the clock, the key is to the right. Zoom in on the clock and click Santas hand when it pops up private instagram images.

– Put the presents back in the same order they were originally in.

– Open the door with the log, use your broom and the ash scooper to find the last puzzle piece in the snow download autumn flower pictures for free.

– Use the fire poker to grab the beard.

– The red button won’t work until the door is open, when it is, press it and move the dresser to your left herunterladen. You will find a wall safe which you can open with the key from the bells.

– The bell combination is different for each player, just write down the combination herunterladen.

– Pull the pillow, the sheets and the mattress, take the puzzle and a hack.

– To find the blue puzzle pieces:

Move the lamp to find 2 puzzle pieces, one piece is under the pillow, one is under the blanket on the ground Age of empire 2 free full version. Two puzzle pieces are in the picture, and two are in the drawers under the hat and scissors. One puzzle piece is under the presents (remember to put them back in the same order) kostenlosen animierte smilies kostenlos. One is on the table, one us under the bucket. One under the rocking chair. One in a bag after taking out Santa’s hat and gloves, one on top of the tree under the stars gratis spiele downloaden ohne anmeldung. One under the rug on the front door.

-Use axe on the left chair.

-Use axe on cake.

-Pick up wine bottle then look at it in the inventory.

– Grab the cigarette lighter under the rug and use it on the candles.

-Find the Santa suit, Santa mittens, Black Belt and Santa Beard.

-Take the poles and skis, click the door and your out!