Zelda Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, Tricks, and ( spoilers )

These Tips Tricks, cheats and Walkthrough for  Zelda Phantom Hourglass will make getting through this Nintendo DS game much easier.  This Walkthru contains a few spoilers but we have done our best to keep them generic to not give more than we need, to and have kept the pages short to keep you from looking ahead before you want to.


Set some period after The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass opens with Tetra and her pirate crew along with Link chasing down a Ghost Ship claimed to have taken sailors and residents of the local islands in an area of the Great Sea. The crew discovers the ship, but when Tetra goes aboard to explore, she disappears; Link attempts to follow her but ends up adrift in the ocean.

Link later wakes up on a strange island, and through the help of the fairy Ciela, who has some amnesia about her past, and an old man named Oshus, who help Link on his quest to find the Ghost Ship and reunite with Tetra herunterladen. To that end, they enlist the help of the reluctant Captain Linebeck and his ship after saving him from the Temple of the Ocean King; Linebeck only offers to help with the expectation of finding treasure along the way. Link discovers that to learn of the Ghost Ship’s position, they must find the Spirits of Courage, Wisdom, and Power, using maps and clues hidden in the Temple of the Ocean King. However, to overcome the evil forces in the Temple, Link must make use of the Sands of Hours within the Phantom Hourglass and possessed by other creatures around the islands to prevent his life force from being drained microsoft word 2013 kostenlos. With the aid of the Hourglass, Link is able to locate and ally with the Spirits of Wisdom and Power easily, but the Spirit of Courage he finds looks exactly like Ciela. Oshus explains that Ciela is actually the Spirit of Courage, and that he himself is the Ocean King. Oshus further explains that he and Ciela had to take their present forms to hide from the life-eating monster Bellum, who is the cause of the Ghost Ship and other evil in the local area, and has taken residence at the very depths of the Temple. Ciela is reunited with the rest of her self, and awakens as the Spirit of Courage. Link succeeds in his attempt to rescue Tetra with the help of the three Spirits, but finds Tetra is now a statue, a further effect of Bellum’s life-draining power youtube videos als mp3 downloaden app. Link is ready to continue but Linebeck initially refuses to help further having come up empty-handed for treasure so far. But he quickly changes his mind as soon as Ciela and Oshus promise to grant him one wish if he help’s Link complete his quest to defeat Bellum and save Tetra.

Zelda Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, Tricks, and ( spoilers ) Walkthru Walk Though Walk-thru Link learns that the only way to defeat Bellum is to forge the Phantom Sword from three unique, "pure" metals around the local islands called Crimsonine, Aquanine, and Azurine. After collecting the materials and forging the Phantom Sword, Link descends to the bottom level of the Temple, and initially appears to defeat Bellum free manager. Tetra is freed from her statue form and revived, but before the group can celebrate, Bellum reemerges from the ocean depths and takes Tetra again. In the ensuing battle of the S.S. Linebeck and the Ghost Ship, Linebeck’s ship is lost, as well as Oshus, and Link and Tetra are captured. Linebeck reluctantly picks up the Phantom Sword and is able to free Link and Tetra at the cost of his own freedom, but is able to give Link back the Phantom Sword before Bellum possesses Linebeck and turns him into a huge Phantom; Link is ultimately able to fully defeat Bellum without harming Linebeck.

As the adventure closes, the sand from the Phantom Hourglass is released into the sea. Oshus, now in his true form of a white blue whale, readies to depart with the Spirits, while Linebeck, surprising everyone, wishes not for treasure but for his ship back steam workshop mods. After everyone says their goodbyes, Link and Tetra find themselves back on the pirate ship, where it seems only ten minutes have passed for the rest of the crew and they insist that the events were all just a dream. However, Link still possesses the now-empty Phantom Hourglass, and spies Linebeck’s ship on the horizon, knowing full well that his adventure was real.


1~ tetris gratisen. Introduction and important tips

Since Zelda titles aren’t turn-based RPGs, its boss battles are all about
timing. While I can’t help you when it comes to the timing itself, this
guide will help you understand what you have to do in each battle, leading
you across the main points of the enemy attacks and helping you to defeat
Before heading to the sections pertaining to each boss, I strongly suggest
you read the many tips stated below. While they don’t magically save you
from your foes, they may be more helpful than you may imagine, and by
following these I can assure you that you’ll have an easier time dealing
with all bosses that will cross your path. Now, on to some tips:

– Properly healing before any kind of boss battle is VERY important. So,
  each time you reach some area where there are some vases (usually a
  number between two and eight) and a blue portal appears when you
  interact with a tablet nearby, that means that a boss is coming. If
  that’s the case, keep destroying the vases in the near areas until your
  character is at full health before proceeding. Also, be sure to remember
  that vases reappear if you go to another area and get back to that one,
  which is very useful.

– Apart from the tip given above, it is also a good idea to take two
  health restoration potions with you at all times. Personally, I take two
  red ones with me, but that’s really up to you. It is also a good idea to
  use one of them if your life is below the two hearts limit, as some sort
  of problem may rise and you’d have to start that battle again. Don’t be
  afraid to use them, even if that means you’ll have to buy some more
  potions at the next shop.

– Check stores often. Once in a while, they may sell Heart Containers,
  which add more hearts to your usual bar and may be important in later

– Some bosses summon smaller creatures to help them. If that happens, feel
  free to take your time to defeat those weak monsters, as they may drop
  health or other helpful items.

– When engaging a fight with any of the marine bosses, try to head for the
  confrontation with as much health as possible. Remember, each time you
  enter any location your health is fully restored. So, it is a good idea
  to stop by a city nearby before heading for the battle, in order to
  ensure that you’ll be facing it in top condition.

– Oddly (or maybe not…), every marine boss tends to shoot green balls at
  you. When struck by your projectiles, those balls may randomly drop
  useful health restorers. Obviously, you should try to hit as many as
  possible, apart from focusing your other attacks on the opponents’ weak
  points, stated in the proper section of this guide.

That’s all for this section. I strongly suggest you try to follow these
tips, as they will prove quite useful as you advance further in your
adventure and progressively face harder bosses.