I’m Rolling Back From Vista to Windows XP SP3 Maybe You Should too.

Mary Jo Foley at ZD Net is reporting that XP Service Pack 3 is available in it’s final release candidate.

Microsoft has begun posting XP SP3 RC documentation to its Microsoft Download site, which is open to the general public. And the XP SP3 RC bits are available from various file-download sites on the Web.

Microsoft made a build of XP SP3 available to subscribers to its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet subscribers on December 3. At that time, company officials declined to say when the company planned to make a public test build of XP SP3 available.

I’m going to make the Jump from Vista to Windows XP SP3, because I have some hardware that just isn’t working the way I want it to on Vista.  If you run the officale Zune theme for XP it makes XP look a lot like Vista.

windows xp official zune theme

XP is still faster Vista, and “Greener” which makes my Laptop Battery last longer.  My Sprint Broadband card is much happier on XP than Vista.  Vista is more Secure, but I don’t really care.  I don’t tend to get Virus or Spyware because I behave.

I really hate the new Windows Explorer, and the way it handles my My Documents and My Pictures, just over all I’m happier on XP.