Authority according to Google

Getting found is not only about having the right stuff on your page, but also having the right people to link to you.  So if you want to really boost your own page rank you need to get one of these guys to link to you.  Good luck, with very few exceptions these sites don’t link to anything that is not their own.  But the rules for these sites aren’t exactly clear.  It seems when Google got started their algorithm had to have a starting point.  A place to start its crawl, and it also needed some anchors to say a site is X distance from a site with a ranking.  This means a certain set of sites had to be gifted authority at Google’s Creation.

Think of the Internet as a series of Islands connected by bridges.  There are certain set of main islands that were assigned a page rank and bots were sent off to discover all of the islands in the world.  the farther you are from a main island the less authority you have.  But if you are the hub of a bunch of small islands you may be able to slightly increase your authority.  For this reason a single link from a PR 9 or Pr 10 is worth a lot.  More than 100 links from a page rank of 1.  What is not as clear is how many 5’s make a 9, or how many 5’s make a 6.  but it is known that you can never be ranked higher than the highest number that links to you.  This is why a link from a PR9 can be crucial.

It was not so long ago that anyone could get a PR9 link because WikiPedia was handing them out like popcorn, but now it is a bit trickier.  If you want a coveted PR 10 link or a PR 9 you just have to get one of the places below to link to you.

PageRank 9

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