Sexy Singles Text Message Dating Service Engineers a Google Trend

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My core readers may have noticed that I have been doing a lot of work with Google Trends lately.  But has done something reasonably impressive.  They “hacked” their way on to Google Trends using SMS Messages.  Sending 100’s of thousands of text messages to cell phone users, and using a trojan to access e-mail accounts. is creating waves of angry Internet users.  Then Redirecting the traffic to PlayDate a phone sex Text site, Some Pharmacy that sells a Generic Viagra, and to a site that tells you that to view a video you need to install a plugin which is a browser hijack icloud bilder downloaden windows.

All in all this is a pretty Nasty site, so resist the urge to go visit it, and if you have consider running a virus scan I recommend Panda Since it is Free samsung töne herunterladen. Man PlayDate Online Virus Check