Vivendi to acquire Activision forming Activision Blizzard

Vivendi best known for its huge Warcraft Franchise which includes World of Warcraft, announced Sunday that it would Acquire Controlling Shares of Activision which is the company behind Call Of Duty, Tony Hawk games, and Guitar Hero.  The combined company will be known as Activision Blizzard.

The move stands to benefit Microsoft, as Vivendi has typically released it’s titles only for PC, but will now gain the experience of Xbox 360 developers, Making World of Warcraft for Xbox 360 much more likely than it has ever been in the past. 

Electronic Arts which has been the largest game producer may now see competition form a company with equal size and breadth.  EA is best known for its Franchises of quickly produced Cookie Cutter games with Annual Releases.  FIFA, NHL, Madden NFL and NCAA Football, all have annual releases and blockbuster sales.

Guitar Hero From Activision has been the biggest Activision hit to date, but now faces competition from Rock Band.

Activision shares were up 16% (25.75) at publishing on news that the Combined Company would repurchase shares for 27.50 post merger.