MjSafetySolutions.com and MyChildsPack.com Releases BulletProof ( resistant ) Backpack

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I don’t know what to think of MJ Safety Solutions BulletProof (resistant) Backpack.  Part of me thinks that is the stupidest thing I have heard, and part of me thinks I want one.  I would rather just have the bullet proof insert, that I could then put in what ever I want, like my Leather Jacket that I wear around more than I carry my back pack.  I also suspect that my computer would stop a bullet in a tight spot windos 10.

You can get the ballistic panels for 82 Cents a square inch, making it possible to make my leather jacket bullet resistant for about a grand.  (23×24 then front and back).  But if I buy a 14×17 balistic panel it is 73.5 cents a square inch, so I could probably cheapen my jacket a bit if I pick vital organs rather than the whole thing video von tvthek downloaden.

MjSafetySolutions.com and MyChildsPack.com Releases Bullet Proof ( resistant ) Backpack bullet resistant backpack