Zoey Deschanel Stars In Sci Fi Channel’s Tin Man a Re-envisioning of Wizard of Oz

Sci Fi Channel’s Tin Man Starring Zoey Deschanel, Neal McDonough, Zoey Deschanel, Raoul Trujillo and Alan Cumming Premiered tonight.  The show is a “Re-envisioning” of the original Oz, and like most made for TV series it is not as good as a Made for the Silver Screen version.  Tin Man seems to Drag as there just isn’t 6 hours of depth to the world they have created.  If you want a good retelling of OZ, go see Wicked.

“When Sci Fi said, ‘Go, give it a shot, and let your imaginations run wild,’ we did,” Van Sickle said.

“Tin Man,” which airs in three parts (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7, 9 and 11 p.m. on Sci Fi), is not a musical and it’s not a children’s story. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy adventure about a quest.

“This story is like a classic story of people who go on a quest,” said Alan Cumming, who stars as the Scarecrow-ish Glitch. “They all come together. They’re all looking for something. And they all believe that when they get to this special place, they will find the answers.

“What makes it such a beautiful story is that on the way, they realize that it’s not about the getting there; it’s about the going that is what’s going to give them the answers, and they actually have all the answers within them. So it’s really lovely to do a story that’s reiterating that message.”Neal McDonough, Zoey Deschanel, Raoul Trujillo and Alan Cumming  Zoey Deschanel

The three-part miniseries has more in common with quest-like miniseries we’ve seen on Sci Fi before than it does with the “Wizard of Oz.” “When we pitched it to Sci Fi … we all agreed that we really wanted to just cut loose and reinvent a world that we’d never seen before right down to it’s not Oz, it’s the O.Z. It’s a total re-invention,” Van Sickle said. “And these guys gave us the freedom to just go wild with it, and we did.”

There are permutations on all the familiar characters, but they’re hugely different from what we’ve seen before.

DG (Zoey Deschanel) is a waitress who’s unhappy with her life in Kansas. When a tornado comes to town — complete with storm troopers dispatched by evil sorceress Azkadellia (Kathleen Robertson) — DG is transported to the O.Z. (the Outer Zone).

Azkadellia rules the O.Z. with an iron fist, although there are resistance fighters. And, without giving too much away, there’s a tie between DG and Azkadellia that Dorothy Gale and the Wicked Witch of the West would never have imagined.

Both DG and Azkadellia are searching for a mystical emerald on which the fate of the O.Z. depends.

DG gets help from some sort of familiar characters. Glitch (Alan Cumming), who had his brain removed at Azkadellia’s order; Wyatt Cain (Neal McDonough), a former cop — or, in the vernacular of the O.Z., a Tin Man — who fought in the resistance; and Raw (Raoul Trujillo), a half-wolverine oracle who has been abused and discarded by Azkadellia.

There’s a Mystic Man (Richard Dreyfus) who’s the equivalent of the Wizard of Oz; a very different Toto; and old brick road; monkey bats; even a take on lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

“It tips its hat to the original book and yet creates its own world,” said director Nick Willing. “I think it’s very important … to make sure you make the world of the film your own so that you can breathe your own life into it.”

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