WakeUpYourPhone.com Discover Your Slot


WakeUpYourPhone.com is SanDisk’s new marketing campaign to inform twenty somethings of the joys of using their "slot".  With more and more phones supporting t-flash, MicroSD, MemoryStickProDuo, and others, SanDisk wants to make sure you are filling up your memory and using it to its fullest windows 7 professional german free full version.

The picture of a couple hugging captioned "Where do we to to fill our (Slots)?"  Implies quite a bit of innuendo.    Other than about 10 photos with odd captions, the site doesn’t have any useful information.  I thought there would be a memory matcher, instead you have to use a PDF:

List of Mobile Phones with memory card slot
List of Mobile Phones with maximum capacity memory card
List of Mobile Phones with maximum capacity microSDHC card

WakeUpYourPhone.com Discover Your Slot

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