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Retireearlylifestyle.com and Bankrate.com should teach you one thing.  If you want to retire early you should write a short book and charge too much for it as an e-book.  It worked for me in the past, I wrote a book in 2 weeks and sold 1000 copies at almost $200 a piece making me almost a quarter million dollars.  Retiring early is about setting a timeline for when and where you want to retire.  There is no magic.  The sooner you start planner and the more modest your goals the sooner you can retire.  Retiring to a small home in the midwest is more doable than retiring to a mansion in Beverly Hills.  Don’t buy a book that is going to tell you what you already know.  Spend $250 every 3 years on 4 hours of retirement planning from a financial planner.  If you really want to make the best of things spend another $300 on a life coach who can help you build a household budget.  If you want to go all out, pick some classes at the community college that will enrich your life and increase your value at you job.  The real secret to retiring early is to make more money, and spend less.  Don’t take advice from someone who “retired” at 38 and makes their money selling burned CD’s from an ugly website zoom deutschland herunterladen.

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