Support the Fake Steve Jobs, by Boycotting and Phone Bombing the Real One

It seems Apple Attorney’s are tired of the press Fake Steve gets and are threatening him, and not in the happy fun way that Microsoft Legal has done to me in the past.

Want to show your support for Free Press?  Want to let Apple know that you at least should wait until after CES to send hostile letters?   Give Apple a Call. 

Personally I like this number 408-974-6638 it is Apple’s Trademark line, call and ask about using Steve Jobs likeness, the possibility of borrowing the Apple Logo for use on your Band’s Album, what ever suits your fancy.  You’d be surprised how fast you can make a company lose money on their phone service.  You might also contact technical support, 1-800-275-2273  as the $50 per hour that support calls cost Apple can easily outstrip the amount of assets the Fake Steve.

I am at home for the holidays, so I can’t visit the Apple Store, but you might also consider talking to their helpful staff about their threatening of your online friends.  I recommend doing so loudly.

Here is a script incase you need one.

“Did you know Apple is threatening one of their greatest evangelists? All because when he was trudging through South America he predicted that the iPhone which uses a touch screen would have one Button?  One BUTTON DUH! It has a touch screen it didn’t need any buttons! And then because he predicted that Apple would let developers write programs for the iPhone!   Imagine allowing programmers to write programs for your PDA! Did the real Steve Job invent the Internet too?”

Then walk out.  Come back in 2 hours or send a friend.  Rinse and repeat.


FSJ, if you are reading this call the EFF they are great and I’m sure they would love a piece of this.   And if you want help setting up a donation system to help with your attorney fees let me know, I’d be happy to help.