Holly & Molly Sunset Tan’s Olly Girls on E!

Sure I like Sexy Girls as much as the next guy, but these two are rather annoying. 

The Reality show SUNSET TAN revolves around the Olly Girls and their tanning salon chain. Staffers’ and clients’ often-ridiculous, sometimes over-the-top dramas take center stage, drawing viewers into the personal and professional lives of these catty, flirty, and ambitious young people.

image From the bronzed businessmen bosses to the giggly blonde-girl duo of Molly and Holly (dubbed "The Ollies"), the cast clearly loves the spotlight (with the possible exception of an overwhelmed Oklahoma transplant who has difficulty acclimating to L.A.’s wild nightlife and obscene wealth). Episodes focus on who will get promotions, how many sales each employee makes, and interesting clients — including Britney Spears and a corpse in need of a tan.

Cameras zoom in on poolside streaking sessions and jiggling bosoms, and neither staffers nor clients seem to have any qualms about stripping down to nothing with the cameras rolling (key bits are blurred).

Really, nothing is off limits. In one awkwardly funny scene, for example, a staffer makes small talk with a high-profile client. When she finds out the client’s fiancé is a plastic surgeon, the staffer nods toward the client’s naked breasts and asks, "Did he do those?" And in another scene, someone shakes a young woman’s hand in order to jiggle her breasts to help determine whether they’re implants.

With its unquestioned focus on physical looks, as well as displays of dysfunctional professional behavior, Sunset Tan is clearly intended to be a guilty pleasure for adults. But parents may well want older teens to steer clear, since the show is so caught up in sexism, consumerism, and unbridled greed.