www.30reasonsagirlshouldcallitanight.com Thirty reasons why girls should call it a night – When finding out on Monday isn’t soon enough


The young, hip, tech saavy crowd isn’t satisfied with just instant gratification anymore. Instant public embarrassment is the next hottest thing and a group on Facebook called “Thirty reasons girls should call it a night” is at the forefront netflix offlineen werkt niet. Far from a tutorial about why good girls stay at home on Saturday night, the webpage (www.30reasonsagirlshouldcallitanight.com) displays thousands of pics by its approximately 172,00 members showing tipsy girls…let’s be honest flat-out wasted girls…in all sorts of compromising positions: vomiting, urinating, passed out, and even bandaged after falling out of a car anyconnect download kostenlos.

A CNN.com article entitled “Young girls drink, party, post” recently brought the Thirty reasons why girls should call it a night phenomenon into the public light – and has created quite the buzz facebook app videos downloaden. Aside from the semi-voyeuristic thrill countless undergrads will enjoy, the page has raised concerns among a sober crowd. Pun intended. Some college advisers warn against the ramifications such postings could have on their young charges’ careers wo kann man mp3 kostenlosen.

www.30reasonsagirlshouldcallitanight.com Thirty reasons why girls should call it a night With the advent of social sites like Facebook, MySpace and others, more and more people are finding out the hard way that Google searches are becoming a regularly used hiring metric for HR departments free youtube downloader gratis herunterladen. In the old days, it was a lot easier to convince Personnel that a girl’s ability to down the contents of a beer bong in a less than 10 seconds proved her ability to “successfully accomplish complex tasks quickly and efficiently.” It’s a lot more difficult to make the case to a prospective boss when there’s a digital record detailing the presence of three horny Sigma Chi pledges, a garden hose, and her very wet Van Halen t-shirt windows movie maker herunterladen kostenlos.

Some people will crave the chance to exhibit their partying prowess. Some will like to look through the pics to mock exes. And some will visit the site simply to satisfy that sick little urge we all try to deny herunterladen. Whatever the motivation, however, it looks like Thirty Reasons is here to stay. And with crazy coeds getting schnockered every night around this world of ours, I don’t think there’ll be any lack of contributions to the page kostenlos spielen herunterladen.

On the other hand I always thought girls telling “Omigawd I was SO drunk…” stories was more artful…

-Guest post by Mike Kilgore