www.Club Penguin.com Waddle Around and Meet Friends Spread Satanism

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Walt Disney bought www.Club Penguin.com a while back, and while ClubPenguin.com is mildly cute and kids like it, I would let the kids I don’t have play World of Warcraft before I’d let them play Club Penguin.  Club Penguin is safer than Myspace, but the profanity filter in WOW works much better than that of Club Penguin, and Moderators are much quicker to respond in WoW.  Logging on to Club Penguin there was nothing to stop me from saying pretty much what ever I wanted in most of the rooms.  Even rooms that had the "M" for moderated failed to prevent me from spewing text about Devil Worship, the Advantages of Racial Segregation, or declarations of Hitler’s Greatness.  As long as I didn’t choose 4 letter words I didn’t throw any flags and I was left alone.  Doing the same thing on a WOW server a GM booted me in under 5 minutes, and I was told that doing so in the future would result in my account being canceled kann keine videos von facebook downloaden.

When a Moderator finally did get around to me in ClubPenguin.com I was silenced for 10 minutes.  I was able to log out and back in on another service and start my inappropriate behavior once again with out waiting the 10 minutes podcasts herunterladen itunes.

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