Valerie Begue, Miss France 2008, Racy Photos (non-nude) Prevent Competing for Miss World or Miss Universe

Miss France Valerie Begue has been punished for posing for several pictures which appeared in a gossip magazine. The 22-year-old has been banned from competing in any more beauty pageants after the photos were dubbed racy and inappropriate fortnite kostenlose download.

Organizers said she will not be able to compete in Miss World or Miss Universe but won't be stripped of her title. Begue said the punishment "satisfies all parties."

The pictures show a bikini clad Begue lying on a cross in a swimming pool herunterladen deutsche musik. She is also pictured suggestively licking what is believed to be yougurt.

All Miss France contestants are required to sign a disclaimer agreeing that they never have been photographed in compromising poses or fully nude mozilla firefox for free.

Considering the swimsuit portion of these beauty pageants are fairly racy to begin with I don't really understand why this would be a problem.  Below is a picture from competition.  I was unable to find the yougort pics herunterladen.


Valerie Begue, Miss France, Racy Pictures (non-nude) Prevent Competing for Miss World or Miss Universe pics pix photos