Year: 2008

TOE to TOE: KillerNic Vs. Alacritech’s 1000×1 Server and Storage Accelerator

I saw a BigFoot KillerNic ( in the Microcenter the other day, and wondered how good it really was, so I bought it figuring if it sucked I could return it.  It did, and I did. I put the KillerNic Read More

SPRAMS and other Abstinence only Sex Education Programs Don’t Work

Disturbed. Shocked. Angry. I actually busted out the highlighter and underlined stuff. First off, I know from my own research that abstinence only programs do not work. Second, I hate that politicians actually believe that throwing money at these types Read More

How Eratosthenes found the circumference of the Earth

Eratosthenes of Cyrene (b. c. 276 BC, Cyrene, Libya–d. c. 194, Alexandria, Egypt), Greek scientific writer, astronomer, and poet, the first man known to have calculated the Earth’s circumference. At Syene (now Aswan), some 800 km (500 miles) southeast of Read More

How to Reset Internet Explorer Configuration Settings if IE is broken

If you suspect that you have a virus, or Malware, and your Internet Explorer is not rendering pages correctly, or is slow, or you are getting a Google Error that “We’re sorry but… ….your query looks similar to automated requests Read More

How To Set Up a Wired or Wireless Home Network Using Windows

The variety of options for home networking can make buying decisions difficult. Before you decide what hardware to get, you should decide what type of network technology (the way computers in a network connect to or communicate with one another) Read More

ReadyBooost and USB Flash to Make your Vista Faster

Windows ReadyBoost can use the storage space some devices Removable , such as USB flash drives , to speed up the computer. When you insert a device with this capacity, the dialog box Autoplay offers you the option to speed Read More Get Free Money From the US Government with Mathew Lesko

Mathew Lesko is a great guy.  His site is every bit as good as it is advertised to be.  Mathew Lesko you would likely recognize with his brightly colored suit covered in question marks, which I always found ironic Read More Connecticut Department of Labor

The Connecticut Department of Labor ( ) allows you to file for unemployment benefits. Connecticut’s maximum Unemployment Insurance weekly benefit rate is $519. You can receive benefits if you meet a series of legal eligibility requirements: You must be monetarily Read More

Stephanie Buzek Charged in Chicago Crash

Stephanie Buzek  age 27 was charged with Driving Under the Influence for her part in December 14th’s crash at the corner of Milwaukee and Devon in Chicago. Correa, driving a 1993 Nissan, was stopped at a red light on Milwaukee Read More