Using Vinegar to kill Lice, as a Homeopathic alternative to LiceX

Vinegar is not near as good as the various LiceX type solutions.  Even Lemon Juice/Lemonade works better and smell less bad.

Expect that you should use vinegar 3 times a day for 3-6 days herunterladen. Have some one else check your head 2-3 hours after you rinse.

If you are going to use vinegar, I recommend Apple Cider Vinegar as it has a more pleasant almost good smell herunterladen.

You must leave your hair wet for a full 3 minutes before you rinse with water or completely wash your hair with shampoo.  At minimum you should use a strong mint conditioner.  Partly to moisturize and partly to mask the Vinegar smell windows movie maker 2010 kostenlos deutsch.

While hair is still damp use a Knit comb to remove eggs and larvae.    Boil comb after each use.

LiceX is safe, and faster, but I realize there may be a stigma associated with going to the store to purchase it cossacks herunterladen.