Ultimate Xbox 360 Rumored in Stuff Magazine is Not Likely for the Masses

Stuff Magazine wants you to believe there is an Ultimate Xbox on the way.  Well they may not be that far off tkkg spiele downloaden.

One of the biggest obstacles to Microsoft’s IPTV solution, now named MediaRoom, is that the Xbox 360 is too much of an energy hog to be an always on device.  Combine this with the 120 gig storage being a bit small for most DVR users, and you start to see why Microsoft would spend some time developing a more Set Top Box compatible solution windows 10 updates niet automatically.

What Stuff missed is that this is not likely to be a box available in Best Buy, but rather will be available through an IPTV partner like say AT&T, or BT if you are in the UK.  It is also highly likely that an "Ultimate" will not get an Ultimate badge but rather get a MediaRoom Edition need for speed pc download kostenlos. And I’d look for a 4th core, to handle the processes that take place while you are gaming.  You would hate to miss an episode of your favorite show because a Halo 3 Death Match Ran Long.  You may also see a small bump in memory.   Neither of these will impact gaming performance just help to host the DVR services when other things are running.   Oh and for good measure it will be Gloss Black instead of Matte Black like the Elite was, with Orange Media Room Accents.  And a new Television Icon in the Dash Board traktor spiele zum herunterladen.

CES is just a short ways off, so is NAB.  Likely we will get more details as these two events get underway.

Ultimate Xbox 360 Rumored to Up the Ante over the EliteScreen Shot of Ultimate Xbox 360 running Microsoft IPTV aka Mediaroom