Optical vs Digital Keystoning: Why you want a Sanyo PLV-Z2000

Skip all the other specs, this is about why Digital Keystone Correction, sucks and why Optical is the only way to go. (as found in the Sanyo PLV Z2000)

Lets start with what Keystone correction is just in case you don’t know outlook windows 10 download for free.

When you set up your home theatre it is unlikely that you put your projector in the exact center of the screen.  Not just left and right, but up and down.  If you have an 8 foot wall you are using for your screen, your projector would ideally be 4 feet off the ground equidistant from the top and the bottom.  Right next to your head in the most annoying place possible icloud alle bilder herunterladen mac.

If this isn’t where your you projector is there is some "Keystone" correction happening, because the distance from the top of the image to the bottom of the image isn’t the same, which results in the projected image having a sort of trapezoidal shape herunterladen.

Imagine you have a checker board:


When it gets projected from above it looks more like this:


Using a digital Key Stone correction fixes most of the size issues, but can significantly reduce detail because in order to shape the image to the inverse trapezoid the LCD or DLP creates the appropriate shaped image surrounded by black icons download for free.

One of my favorite tools for checking if an image is scaled is this Very small checkerboard pattern.


If you look closely you will see that it is alternating pixels black and white herunterladen.

When this is projected with digital Keystone the artifacts are instantly visible.


You get rid of some portion of the artifacts from the wall being the right shape, but the end result still looks like:


Optical Keystone correction on the other hand…

Is Optical, so it introduces much fewer artifacts.  It’s not perfect  the only way to get perfect is to have the image projected from that annoying spot very near where your head should be.  But it is significantly better and well worth not having to have the projector mounted at your head windows 7 ultimate 64 bit download deutsch kostenlos.

Because optical uses lenses rather than adjusting the image at the LCD the resolution of the image doesn’t change.  And the only penalty that the image suffers is that you may notice the image is not quite as bright at the far side of the "throw".   In a normal scene you won’t notice this.  With a well done test pattern you may, but even a DLP television suffers this, and you wouldn’t notice if it weren’t for me pointing it out mail herunterladen mac.

The Sanyo PLV-Z2000 was shown at CES and I liked what I could see of it.  The optical Keystone Correction being the main selling point for me.  I’ll give you a full review if Sanyo sends me one to review.  In the mean time don’t forget to tune your home theatre with my HD Test Slates (with sexy girls) testo app herunterladen.