The Encyclopedia of Hollywood Starlets is a sort of Wikipedia or IMDB dedicated to only the Sexy Girls in Hollywood, as opposed to everyone.  The site blatantly steals photos from all over the place and copies whole chunks of fonts sicher downloaden. The interface is an improvement over any of the sites it steals content from, and would make an interesting platform for various informational sites. The Encyclopedia of Hollywood Starlets

In addition to photos, there are a massive 7 videos, most of which come from others from

Chickipedia is not your grandpa’s encyclopedia series netflix laptop. First of all, anyone can contribute. Second, the older the profile the more well researched and accurate it is. Newer profiles tend to include falsehoods, half truths, or people just being stupid, because they haven’t been up long enough for editors to police them or to build a consensus old music for free. Third, Chickipedia is not written in stone. It can change at any second with continual updates. In fact, as we wrote that Angelina Jolie’s birthplace changed herunterladen.