Kasidie.com Relax its just Sex… A site for swingers by swingers

www.Kasidie.com is an online magazine targeting the growing number of people interested in more open relationships.  The Swinger community is becoming more mainstream and a growing number of sites are catering to this growing demographic pyramid solitär saga kostenlosen.

Kasidie.com, a new online magazine for swingers, by swingers, aims to
  topple misconceptions and encourage an open dialogue about sexuality in
                              today’s culture

    DENVER, Jan spiele kostenlos herunterladen durak. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Kasidie.com today announced its launch
of a new online magazine published, edited and written by one of this
country’s most controversial and misunderstood sub-cultures: Swingers herunterladen.

www.Kasidie.com Swinger lifestyle magazine     In the United States alone, the number of people involved in the
swinging lifestyle is estimated to be as high as eight million; the
majority being highly educated and affluent young white-collar
professionals herunterladen. Yet swinging (commonly referred to as "the lifestyle") has
had a decided lack of accurate PR, and most Americans’ views on the subject
remain steeped in stereotypes and moral judgments Download and install ubuntu.

    Kasidie.com is a total departure from what the general public might
expect to find in an online swinger magazine. With no personal classified
ads, chat rooms, or gratuitous pornographic material, Kasidie has taken an
intellectual and creative approach to exploring the lifestyle of swingers adobe flashen.
Through information, conversation and some sexy stimulation, Kasidie
aspires to overturn prejudices and preconceived notions about sexuality and
the modern swinging lifestyle youtube videos to mp3en.

    "Most people hear the word ‘swinger’ and they immediately focus on the
sex," says Kasidie’s publishers, Scott and Nicoleta vw bordbuch herunterladen. "But the swinging
lifestyle is really not about sex, it’s about sexuality and it’s about
friendship. We wanted to create a publication that reflects that and
focuses on the lives, thoughts and real issues of the people who are a part
of the lifestyle ringtone iphone. Kasidie magazine is not just for swingers, it’s about
swingers. It’s a lifestyle magazine with particular emphasis on life &

    Kasidie’s contents range from the controversial, such as the
autobiographical article A Very Hard Question of Faith: The Life of a
Christian Swinger, to the playfully erotic, such as the visually
stimulating reviews of various sexual aids in their Kasidie Labs Playtests virtual dj kostenlos downloaden.
Other features include: Couple of the Month: showcasing real couples from
the lifestyle community; Exclusive Interviews with notable or influential
people in the areas of swinging and sexuality; even humor and advice
columns. Kasidie.com will also feature the largest and most comprehensive
collection of lifestyle parties and club listings on the internet.

    Kasidie.com does not intend to preach swinging, nor does it aim to
convert others to any sexual sub-culture. Kasidie magazine is meant to be a
fun, sexy and informative place for people to learn and exchange ideas
about the swinging lifestyle. The publishers hope that anyone with an open
mind might come away with a more tolerant and understanding view of
swingers, their community and perhaps even their own sexuality.