Localvores are Idiots, Why Organic and Sustainable are mutually exclusive

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work yesterday and this lady is talking about being a localvore. She claimed she only eats food grown with in 100 miles of her home fire tv filme herunterladen. And that the fuel this saves, is good for the environment and that it is good for the economy.

Organic is about eating things that are better for you.  Sustainability is about eating things that are good for the environment.  The two tend to be mutually exclusive gimp securely.

Maybe if you did all your shopping at a farmers market you could not die from scurvy, or boredom shopping from all local growers, but where are you going to get bananas free noises? or Sugar? Flour? You might live somewhere that you could get some of these items, but not all. And if there were a large adoption of this practice you’d suffer the same fate as the pilgrims that come winter you’d be eating mostly beef jerky songs downloaden online. Especially if you live in Minnesota or somewhere else that doesn’t have year round crops.

I grew up in a farming community, but I’m not so ignorant to think that locally grown is best kit herunterladen. We thrive on interstate commerce. Sugar cane is grown where it thrives, and wheat is grown where it thrives. Cows don’t do well in jungle, and Bananas don’t do well in the snow herunterladen.

In an economy where we are talking about outsourcing labor to rural communities, and are recognizing that technology companies benefit by getting resources where resources are abundant, are we thinking that agriculture should have the reverse model downloaden youtube windows?

That isn’t to say that I’m not all in favor of the Eggloo, and “new Victory Gardens”  I think the understanding that comes from raising a portion of your own food is important.  Growing even a small garden makes you appreciate that the stuff you grow tastes much better than the Agriculturally grown equivalent.  No one will argue that Horticultural doesn’t produce superior tasting, healthier food, its just that there isn’t enough land for everyone to do this, and there are some items that it doesn’t matter for.  Flour tastes the same grown from a hybrid which takes less land, less water, and less money, than organic flour which was grown from wheat in your back yard.  (not to mention you likely don’t have the 8 acres that it would take to grow enough wheat for the typical American’s Flour usage)