Facebook Censors Firearms Training Ad, XYHD and MakeMeANinja.com Uncensor it

When I heard that Facebook.com had rejected an ad from FrontSight.com arguably the best Firearms Training course in the US, I contacted Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight’s Founder, and offered to run his ad on MakeMeANinja.com for free fussball manager spiele pc kostenlos downloaden.

I think people have the right to carry weapons, and if they are going to exercise that right then I would prefer they have been trained in how to use them windows desktop bilder kostenlos downloaden.

Similarly I don’t think the Internet should be censored.  This seemed like the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate that I believe in American rights, so as Greatest Living American, I’m proud to announce that you will see the Frontsight.com banner Ad when surfing face book at MakeMeANinja.com


Front Sight - World's Premiere Training for Self Defense and Personal Safety


Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight Resort’s Founder and Director, created Front Sight with one goal in mind: To be the absolute best defensive training facility for personal safety icloud fotosen mac. Gun Training, Martial Arts, Edged Weapons, Contact Weapons, Mental Awareness, Defensive Driving, Executive Protection, Celebrity Training, Corporate Team Building, Children and Youth Safety Courses that more than satisfy the expectations of every student, regardless of the student’s prior experience herunterladen. Take one course at Front Sight Resort, whether a firearms training course or any of our other world-class training programs, and you too will understand why students travel from across the country and return again and again for more of the “Front Sight Experience.”