hillaryis44.com A Very Pink Website Supporting Hillary Clinton

hillaryis44.com is a user created website showing its support of Hillary and bashing Obama, and Edwards.  Several of my friends thought  44 was her age, so hilaryis44.com may not have been the best domain name bilder aus wordpress mediathek herunterladen.

Obama has done well with the web and "grass roots" movements, but this is the first big site dedicated to Hillary Clinton.  hillaryis44.com is dedicated to making her the 44th president.  Can't wait to see ObamaIs44.com

hillaryis44.com A Very Pink Website Supporting Hillary Clinton hilaryis44.com

"We started this website because we believe Senator Hillary Clinton will be an excellent 44th President of the United States herunterladen. Senator Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President because she is not only the best candidate running, but she is also the one candidate that will without doubt beat the Republicans and restore sanity to the White House hoe kan per microsoft office for free.

For the next year, we will bring you news and commentary of the 2008 race for president. Our focus will be on Senator Clinton and the Democrats spotify herunterladen und brennen. Once Senator Clinton wins the nomination we will turn our focus to the Republican nominee.

Although we feel that Senator Clinton will be the nominee (we thought that way back in March 2006) the race, as always in a democracy, will be an exciting one med 7 kostenlos downloaden. We will have lots to say especially with regards to the media and blog coverage of the campaign. We will keep an especially sharp eye on “progressives” or Democrats who repeat Republican talking points to undermine Hillary or any of our candidates pc spiele kostenlosen vollversionen deutsch ohne anmeldung.

At the left hand side of our website we have posted permanent commentary pages on certain issues such as Iraq which we will continue to update."