The Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

The Great Kitchen Escape is the first of the Escape games to not be a color.  To escape the kitchen use this walkthrough, try not to cheat too much, these tips will get you through the game very quickly, spoiling the fun musik downloaden und offline hören.

The Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

  1. On the start screen, take the red kettle herunterladen.

  2. Open the bottom left cabinet and get the mixer.

  3. Open the top right cabinet and get the beater.

  4. Go right whatsapp für windows herunterladen.

  5. Click on the Raido.

  6. Click the back of the radio, remove the cover, and get the batteries.

  7. Go back twice, and go right osterlieder kostenlosen.

  8. Get the power chord from the bottommost cabinet.

  9. Get the bowl from the right of the fridge.

  10. Open the freezer (Top of the fridge) and get the frozen fish gta 5 spielen kostenlos download.

  11. Go right, and click on the birdcage.

  12. Click on the bird’s tail to get the feather.

  13. Go back, and click on the dog koch spiele gratis downloaden.

  14. Use the feather on the dog’s nose. Get the collar.

  15. Go back and right, to the start screen.

  16. Place the kettle in the sink and fill it with water herunterladen engl. Take it back.

  17. Place the kettle with water back on the stand you got it from.

  18. Attach power chord to the kettle. Click on the end of the power chord to plug it in herunterladen.

  19. Press the button on the kettle handle to heat it up. Take boiling water.

  20. Go right twice. Place the bowl on the counter kann nichts mehr downloaden windows 10.

  21. Place the frozen fish in the bowl, and fill it with boiling water.

  22. Look in the bowl, and take the knife.

  23. Click on the construct icon in the top left corner zdf logo herunterladen.

  24. Place the rest of your items on their spots in the diagram. Take the drill.

  25. Click on the explore icon, then go back.

  26. Go right and use the drill on the door.

  27. Congrats! You’re free!