B-2 crash: A Crash that cost billions

As a teenager, I often used to wonder how the huge aircrafts float in the air and cruise at tremendous speeds. I was more interested in watching bomber planes zooming across the sky and wondered if it was something like a miracle. Sadly, adulthood robs us of our fantasies and things cherished in our infant imagination become mundane as we grow up. Recently I came to know about a B2 crash at a Guam airbase.  I think you should have heard about this crash by this time. Guam is a U.S. province located 3,700 miles away from Hawaii. It was a B-2 stealth bomber. It did not create as much impact as it would have, had the incident taken place in my teen years. But an accident means a loss anyway. It affects all of us. The B2 crash was not an exception.  However, I was glad to know that despite the B2 crashing, the pilots could land safely. The Anderson air base, where the B2 crashed, was imbued with dark and thick waves of smoke following the accident. Geanne Ward, a woman who was at the base said this. She did not see the B2 plane crashing in front of her eyes but said that dark fumes of smoke were seen behind the airport’s control tower. She was there with the intention to meet her spouse. Since it was a Saturday morning lots of local people thronged the accident spot. Cell phones started ringing everywhere and emergency cars were rushed to the spot by the airbase authorities. The lady said that everyone was concerned about the safety of the pilots after the B2 crash. The authorities have ordered an enquiry about the cause of the mishap. Do you know that a B-2 bomber comes at a premium? Their manufacturing cost is a whopping $1.2 billion per unit. That means it was a big loss to the US air force. The US air force uses this stealth bomber in collaboration with the venerable B-1 and B-52 aircrafts. The fighter planes are used in a rotational cycle to step up US air presence in the sensitive Asia-Pacific zone. The accident succeeds a Navy aircraft crash that took place before 11 days of this mishap. The Navy aircraft smashed into the ocean near Guam coastline. In the previous accident, 4 of the air crew persons were saved.