Bore Snake (BoreSnake) Gun Cleaning

I’m about to move somewhere that I can actually shoot a gun in my back yard, and as such am planning to invest in a cleaning product.  I came across the BoreSnake and think it may be what I purchase.  While Simple and easy to use, it is really just a $20 shoe lace, but oh well.  It works herunterladen.

The Bore Snake is an all in one bore cleaning tool that pulls through your barrel and cleans it thoroughly in just a few seconds. A weighted brass drop through cord easily slips through the barrel to get the Bore Snake started icloud fotosen windows 10. You just grab the end and pull the rest of it through. The “business end” of the Bore Snake has a whole bunch of surface area impregnated with brushes and floss (160X more floss than a patch) 64 bit or 32 bit. One pass with the Bore Snake equals several passes with conventional tools.
The Bore Snake is simple… there’s no assembly required. It’s lightweight and compact with no exposed metal to damage the critical rifling or crown surfaces herunterladen. Use it with or without your favorite gun cleaning solvent. And after several gun cleanings, just wash and dry the Bore Snake to restore it to like-new gun cleaning condition herunterladen.
If you love your guns but hate the mess and fuss of cleaning them, the Bore Snake is for you. It makes a great gift for shooting buddies, too.