Alaska Airlines Introduce Jenn Your Virtual Assistant

Not quite a Virtual Girl Friend, and not as cute as Ms. Dewey, Jenn ( ) will help answer your questions about Air Travel on Alaska Airlines. She doesn’t seem to be interested in dating.


Some Sample conversation:

You Asked: Your Cute. Will you go out with me?

Jenn: Sorry, I don’t have any information on that subject. Do you have any travel related questions for me?

You Asked: Where can I take a fine girl to dinner?

Jenn: Is your child traveling alone, or will they be accompanied by an adult?

Here’s More:

Accompanied By Adult

Traveling Alone

You Asked: What City has the Hottest Babes?

Jenn: Good question. I’m not sure how to answer that. Please try rewording your question. I understand simple questions best.

You Asked: Can I fly Naked?

Jenn: I don’t respond to that type of language. What else can I help you with?

You Asked: Will I have to sit next to a fat person on the plane?

Jenn: Here is information on our Second Seat Policy. View Page

You Asked: If a plane leaves New York traveling to Chicago at 10:15 and second plane leaves Chicagoe for New York at 11:20 over what city will they collide?

Jenn: Please fill in the remaining fields to continue your search. Next time you shop, you can go directly to the available flights page by providing me with the cities you are traveling between, departure and return dates. For example: Seattle to Denver on May 4 and return May 10. View Page





‘Jenn’ Uses Own Voice, Personality to Answer Questions, Book Travel

    SEATTLE, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Alaska Airlines and Horizon
Air today introduced a virtual assistant named “Jenn” at
With her own voice and personality, Jenn answers hundreds of common
questions and helps customers book travel.

    The virtual assistant is accessed by clicking the “Ask Jenn” link on’s main toolbar. When customers type questions in Jenn’s chat
window, she responds verbally, asks follow-up questions when needed,
provides a written response and related Web links, and displays the site’s
most relevant page. To reveal her personality, Jenn also answers many
personal questions on topics such as pets and favorite foods.

    “With nearly half of our tickets purchased at, our Web
site has become the single most popular way customers interact with us
before traveling,” said Ann Ardizzone, Alaska’s managing director of
customer experience. “Jenn offers customers a more personalized, engaging
experience online, while quickly connecting them with the site’s most
relevant information.”

    Jenn is the first virtual assistant introduced by a U.S. airline.
Alaska and Horizon also were the first North American carriers to sell
tickets online in 1995 and the first airlines worldwide to offer Web
check-in in 1999.

    Jenn was created using ActiveAgent(TM) technology from Spokane,
Wash.-based technology company Next IT. The software allows Web sites to
interact with users using a natural-language interface, often called an
agent, that can retrieve information across databases, answer questions and
clarify users’ intents by asking follow-up questions. ActiveAgent(TM)
software also was used to create the SGT. STAR virtual assistant at

    “Next IT’s conversational agent provides a new, enhanced way for Web
users to interact with companies online,” said Fred Brown, Next IT’s
president and chief executive officer. “Alaska and Horizon had the vision
to see how this technology could improve service to their customers online,
and now they’re raising the bar for the travel industry.”

    Next IT Corporation is an innovator in simplifying communication
between people and computers. Its core platform, ActiveAgent(TM),
accurately understands and interprets natural-language questions and
delivers exact results across multiple service channels such as the Web,
contact center, Intranet and mobile devices. For more information about
Next IT, visit

    Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air together serve 92 cities through an
expansive network in Alaska, the Lower 48, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. For
reservations, visit For more news and information, visit the
Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Newsroom at