Campus Shooting at Northern Illinois University Cole Hall at least 16 Injured

A Campus Shooting at Northern Illinois University has left at least 16 Injured and the shooter dead. Northern Illinois University is located in Dekalb which is a city of about 40,000 most of whom are college students omsi 2 kostenlos downloaden.

Police reported that the scene was secure and that the gunman was “no longer a threat” about an hour after the shooting, which occurred about 4 p.m herunterladen. ET in Cole Hall. It was not immediately clear whether the man committed suicide or was killed by police.

Students were attending a Geography class in a Cole Hall, a lecture hall holding between 150 and 200 students.  Paul Sundstrom one of the students described the scene:

“He just walked in and just started shooting at people randomly, I crawled out to the main aisle, then just got up and ran and turned around and saw him shooting.”

The gunman was a thin white man wearing a black “beanie” and a long black trench coat herunterladen.

He unloaded at least 12 shot gun shells in to the crowd.

A hotline for parents to find out if their child was injured is available at (815) 753-1573

Video is available on MSNBC countdown zähler download kostenlos.