Carmen Kontur-Gronquist: Gusty mayor poses in lingerie

Till a few days back none of us knew who Carmen Kontur-Gronquist was. However thanks to her outrageous action we are now all aware! She for sure is one radical woman. Despite being a public figure the way she displayed her personal life in the virtual world is in true sense amazing. Shocking is it? I would say not. After all its her life and she can lead it as she chooses.

The outrageous pictures of Carmen Kontur-Gronquist however have shocked a lot of people who are otherwise known to be radical and libertine. She is the mayor of Arlington in Oregon and she uploaded her photograph in my space clad in nothing but sexy black lingerie.

The Mayor uploaded her photo that was shot at a function she attended with the fire department of the town. The photograph showed her standing on the fire engine dressed in those black undergarments.

Many citizens of Arligton are displeased and utterly shocked.   Protests were called for and the mayor ultimately had to remove her photograph from her website. The space page where she had her image is now only available to her close associates. The mayor however does not repent what she had done. She says that she had posed for this photograph when she was not elected as a mayor of the town. She refused to back out on the issue and still defends her position in Myspace page. It’s her private life she says? Why should anyone comment on it! The photograph revealed the mayor as standing with her black panties and bra above a fire engine while another image showed her at the door of the car.


The town people are not happy with the reaction and demanded an explanation from her.

Arlington is a small place with just 223 households, and 144 families found allover the place. The citizens claimed that the picture of the half nude Carmen Kontur-Gronquist only defamed the townsmen and brought them shame and guilt. The mayor refuses to budge. Now that’s what I call a classic example of a sexy case (cause??)