American idol David Archuleta: Set to be the winner

The fever for the program “American Idol” is back and this time it is none other than the American idol David Archuleta who is grabbing the limelight of this program. I believe that he is perfect person who has the capability to win in this competition.  We have watched many shows of American Idol, but his presence has cast a magical spell among the audience. David Archuleta imagine songs yesterday enthralled the audience. It was fantastic! I loved watching the program.  It will be a heartbreaking thing if he is eliminated from this show. American idol David Archuleta! I am his ardent fan and that’s how I want to see him. I am confident that he will win the awards. At the same time I am apprehensive that he will be eliminated. But I need not worry. David Archuleta imagine song yesterday took the audience by storm. He has garnered enough support several fans across America. They will not allow him to go down.  David Archuleta has an ethereal voice that has made thousands of spectators to be a die-hard fan of his song. When would be American idol David Archuleta sang the song “Imagine” of John Lennon, it electrified the atmosphere. He is receiving accolades from many famous personalities for the mesmerizing quality of his song.  Would be American idol David Archuleta is one of the youngest participants of this competition American Idol. He is just 17 years of old and despite this fact David is sure to reach the top position. His talent was also traced when he grabbed the award in Junior Singers competition. At that time he was facing a problem with vocal cord and therefore he had to undergo a surgery to get rid off this. Now he is absolutely perfect.When he was just a seven years old, he started singing and came in the professional music arena when he was just 10. It reflects the sheer talent of the would be American idol David Archuleta. I am his fan and it is high time you too become his fan. American idol David Archuleta is all set to take the music industry by storm.